How to Book Southwest Multi City Flights

Book Multiple Flights with Southwest Airlines for Round-trip

Southwest is the biggest low-cost carrier in the U.S. Therefore, it provides flight services to over 120 domestic destinations and 10 international. The airline runs almost 200 flights a day from its headquarters destination, Dallas, Love Field, Texas. So, if you are looking for multi city flights to explore places in several parts of the U.S., then you can consider Southwest Airlines.

Therefore, you can book a Southwest multi city flight and visit multiple destinations comfortably and conveniently. Reservation of multi-city tickets finishes the need to book tickets for every leg of the journey.

However, are you still wondering how to use a multi-city search of Southwest? You can use the guided process below. Therefore, go through the blog and get all the information on multicity reservations with Southwest.

What is Considered a Southwest Airlines Multi-City Flight?

Multi-city flights with Southwest allow you to add two or more stops to your ticket. This flight reservation gives you the freedom to explore multiple destinations in one booking. With Southwest multi city flights, you can stay at a place for a few days/weeks/months, depending on your needs. It is not possible when you book a connecting flight.

However, you need to consider certain terms and conditions for that, such as you can only add up to 4 destinations in your trip.

Note: To learn more, please visit the airline website.

Popular Destinations for Multi-city Booking in the U.S 

Multi-city flight tickets allow you to visit different destinations in one reservation. It saves your time and hard-earned money.

If you are planning a journey within the U.S. and pondering over destinations for cheap flight tickets, consider the suggestions below. These are some of the best routes for Southwest multi city round trip that you can consider:

  • Dallas, Texas, to Los Angeles
  • Atlanta to New York
  • New York to Orlando
  • Los Angeles to Orlando
  • Las Vegas to Atlanta
  • Atlanta to New York

Popular Southwest Multi City Flights International Destinations

Southwest flight offers its passengers the freedom to choose from international destinations. Therefore, you can enjoy each destination without stressing about low fares. So, if you have not decided on your itinerary yet, then consider following flight routes to book multi-city flights with Southwest.

  • Dallas love field to Miami to Aruba
  • Dallas Love Field to Orlando to Montego Bay
  • Dallas Love Field to Los Angeles to Cancun

How Does Multi-city Flight Booking Work?

Do you want to book multi-city flights with Southwest and find difficulty? Thanks to Southwest Airlines multi city flight search tool helps you easily complete the reservation.

You can even use the Southwest advanced search filters that make the process far easier. Southwest Airlines allows different ways to get your multi city booking done. You can use either of them.

Online Booking Procedure 

  • Visit Southwest’s Airlines website.
  • Next, click on “flight.”
  • Further, select a trip type from one-way flights / round-trip / Multi-city.
  • Similarly, enter the origin airport and arrival airport.
  • Further, add different cities that you want to visit
  • Provide travel information like travel dates, passenger details, etc.
  • Next, tap on the “submit” button.
  • Review your selected flights.
  • Finally, make the payment.

Further, you will receive a mail such as your multi-destination booking online is successful.

Note: Passengers can also use the Southwest App to book flights.

Offline Reservation Procedure

Want to book a multi-city ticket rather than two separate reservations? You can book it over the phone by dialing Southwest Airlines’ multi city phone number. However, if you are still wondering how, follow below steps:

  • Dial Southwest toll-free number 800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792)
  • Next, you will hear IVR instructions.
  • Select your prompts accordingly.
  • Further, a representative will answer your call
  • Request multi-city reservations
  • Similarly, provide the requested information.
  • Finally, make the payment.

Further, you can check the Southwest multi city flight status on the website.

What are the benefits if I book a multi-city ticket?

Booking a flight is the first step of a journey. However, there are endless options to reserve flights. Considering the best of them is far more complex. Therefore, the following benefits will be a deciding factor for you if you are still deciding about buying a multi-city ticket.

Cover Multiple Destinations

Multi-city flights help you visit different destinations without reserving separate tickets for each part of the trip. You get much to discover when you secure a multi-city plane ticket.

How to Select Seats on Southwest Airlines

Cost Friendly

The airline delivers the best multi-city flight deals to make travel economical and convenient for the passengers. Therefore, they can make great savings by securing a multi-city ticket.


A multi-city flight ticket removes the need to book a separate ticket for each segment of your trip. Therefore, it saves you time, and you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about the next ticket booking.

Flexibility to Stay at a Place

With a Southwest Multi-city ticket, you can stay at a place for as long as you want and board the flight to visit next. However, it is not possible when purchasing a connecting flight ticket.


So, booking a flight was not as easy as it is with Southwest multi city flights. Therefore, you can take benefit of a multi-city trip whenever you wish to visit different destinations. You can easily book an itinerary through the website app or by calling the airline representative.


Does Southwest do multiple flights? 

Yes. The airline provides exclusive multi-city deals to passengers. You can check them on the website or contact airline customer service at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792)

Does Southwest provide cheap multi-city flight fares?

Yes. You can get cheaper options for multi-city tickets. However, it is not the same every time.

Note: Please visit the airline website for more details.

What are the three original cities for Southwest?

Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are the original cities for the airline.

Does Southwest fly internationally to Europe?

No. Southwest does not fly to Europe as it is not a large international carrier. Protection Status