Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

Have you made Qatar Airways booking but now wish to terminate the flight bookings? Well, there is no need to worry as the airline understands the travelers’ concern and thus offers a well-crafted cancellation policy to them. With the help of this policy, you can easily cancel your flight tickets and get easy refunds. However, travelers are advised to go through the terms and conditions associated with the airline’s cancellation policy to avoid further hassle. Here is mentioned the step-by-step guidelines to suspend your bookings along with the important norms associated with the Qatar Airways cancellation policy guide.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

If you are looking to cancel your Qatar Airways booking, then it will be a great move that you know the cancellation policy of Qatar Airways. So, if you want to know about the important points of Qatar Airways cancellation policy, then carefully check out the below-mentioned tips:

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  • If the valuable passengers of Qatar Airways want to cancel their flight tickets, then they may have to pay some fees as a cancellation charge.
  • But if the passengers cancel the reservation within one day of purchase, they don’t need to pay any cancellation fees.
  • Qatar Airways refundable flight tickets need to be booked before one week of scheduled flight departure; otherwise, you need to pay the cancellation penalties.
  • The ticket price of non-refundable Qatar Airways flight tickets will be entirely fortified if the passenger cancels it.

These are the important points that you should keep in your mind before making any step to cancel the Qatar Airways flight ticket. Apart from that, if you want to know more about the cancellation policy of Qatar Airways, then you should reach its official website or call its customer service executive 24/7 and 365 days.

Qatar Airways 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Do you want to cancel your Qatar Airways ticket within 24 hours of purchase? Are you looking to learn its 24 hours cancellation policy? If yes, then take a look at the below-mentioned points that explains to you the important points of the Qatar Airways 24-hours cancellation policy:

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  • If anyone cancels their Qatar Airways flights within twenty-four hours of reservation, they don’t have to pay any cancellation charges.
  • Even the paid amount of non-refundable Qatar Airways flight tickets will not get fortified if canceled within 24 hours of booking.
  • The refundable flight ticket of Qatar Airways will also don’t have to pay any cancellation charges unless the booking was made one week before the scheduled Qatar Airways flight departure.

Here, you will get to learn about the 24-hour cancellation policy of Qatar Airways. With this policy, you can save money by canceling your Qatar Airways flight tickets. If you want to know more about the Qatar Airways 24 hours cancellation policy, you should consult its customer service representative or visit its official website. 

How to Cancel Your Qatar Airways Flight Ticket?

Canceling a flight ticket is not a challenging task anymore, thanks to the internet and modern technology. Now, travelers can easily end their flight ticket booking without leaving their comfort zone. Here is mentioned the step-by-step guide to cancel your flight ticket. You are advised not to skip any of the steps to avoid any kind of trouble later on. 

  • Browse the official website of Qatar Airways.
  • Tap on the ‘Manage a Booking’ tab available on the homepage.
  • There, you need to enter the Booking Reference and the Last Name. 
  • Hit the Continue button to access your trip itinerary. 
  • Now, you can select the flight or trip you wish to terminate.

You can also connect with the airline’s executive to cancel your Qatar Airways booking. They will be available all the time to guide you. However, if any third-party is involved in the flight booking, then you will have to contact them for cancellation. 

Important Things to Know About Qatar Airways Cancellation

Before moving towards flight cancellation, it is imperative to learn about the important norms and rules associated with the cancellation guide. You can apply for a refund only and only if you are eligible for the same. Let’s have a look at some of the important terms and conditions here.

  • Cancellation of the flight ticket is totally based on the fare rules and norms that you have chosen while booking the flight ticket and, therefore, you are advised to make your choice wisely. 
  • If you have a ticket of refundable type and if you are eligible for getting a refund, then you will have to complete the refund request form to get the refund. It is important to complete all the details in the form and make sure that the information is accurate.

What is Qatar Airways Refund Policy?

Did you cancel your Qatar Airways tickets? Now, are you looking to raise a request for a refund from Qatar Airways? If yes, then you need to first learn about the Qatar Airways refund policy. Here are the essential points that you must keep in mind:

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  • According to the Qatar Airways refund policy, you will get a complete refund for your refundable flight ticket.
  • The owners of a non-refundable flight ticket will not get any amount as a refund.
  • But, if the passengers cancel the flight ticket, whether it is a refundable or non-refundable flight ticket in between one day of the reservation, they are eligible to get a complete refund from Qatar Airways.
  • Also, the refundable Qatar Airways flight tickets owners only get their complete refund when the flight ticket is booked one week before the scheduled departure.
  • One can request a refund from Qatar Airways via its official website or with the help of its customer service executive.
  • If the passengers of Qatar Airways purchased the flight tickets via online payment mode, they would receive their refund within one week. But if they purchased the Qatar Airways ticket via offline mode like cash or cheque, they will receive their refund in between 20 days.

If you are seeking to get more details about the refund policy of Qatar Airways, then you should reach its official site or speak with its customer service professional.

How to Request a Refund from Qatar Airways? 

Did you understand the concept of Qatar Airways’ refund policy? No, are you looking to learn about the procedures that can guide you to apply for a refund from Qatar Airways successfully? If yes, then here are the methods that you should follow:

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  • Let’s start with its official website

To request a refund from Qatar Airways, its official website is recommended as the best to move ahead. To initiate the process, you need first to open its website and then log into your account. After that, you need to click on the “Manage Your Booking” section and enter your canceled reference code to find the booking. After you get your canceled reservation, you have to click on it and tap on the “refund” button. Next, you need to follow the instructions and complete the refund procedure.

  • With its customer service

To raise a request for a refund from Qatar Airways with the help of its customer service, you need to dial the official phone number and press the ideal digit to connect with its customer service representative. Next, you have to share your reference number with its executive and request to start the refund procedure.

You will get a notification from Qatar Airways about the verification and the confirmation of the refund. You will soon receive your refund in your registered bank account. 

What is Qatar Airways Rebooking Policy?

Do you want to rebook your canceled Qatar Airways flight ticket? If yes, before doing it, you need to learn about the Qatar Airways rebooking policy. 

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  • The passengers can rebook the canceled Qatar Airways flight in the same class but on the next flight without paying any extra fees.
  • Also, if in the next Qatar Airways flight, there is no seat on your travel class, then you can book your flight ticket on the higher class by paying the fare difference.
  • If you have booked the Qatar Airways flight tickets on business travel class or first class, you can rebook to the lower class and claim a refund.
  • Qatar Airways can also provide you another carrier for your destination if there is no seat available.
  • One can easily rebook their canceled Qatar Airways flight by visiting the “refund requests.”

If you want to know more about the rebooking policy of Qatar Airways, then you need to call its customer service or go through its official website.


  • How can I cancel my Qatar Airways reservations?

You can cancel your Qatar Airways reservations via its official website, or you can also take help from its customer service representative.

  • What is the cancellation fee of Qatar Airways?

The cancellation fee of Qatar Airways mostly depends upon its destination, route, and travel class. But, the cancellation fees of Qatar Airways are USD 50 to USD 150.

  • When will Qatar Airways transfer my refund to my bank account?

Qatar Airways will transfer your complete refund to your registered bank account after one week of raising the request. 

  • Can I make changes to the Qatar Airways reservation?

Yes, you can make changes to your Qatar Airways reservation from its official website or with the help of its customer service. But, to avoid the change penalties, you should check out the Qatar Airways Change Policy.

  • How can I get a full refund for my non-refundable Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Usually, you will not get any refund for your non-refundable Qatar Airways ticket. Still, if you cancel your non-refundable ticket within one day of the reservation, then you will be eligible to claim a refund. 

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