American Airlines Food Policy

Looking to know about American Airlines Food Policy ?Basic Economy flyers are allowed to purchase meals and snacks of their choice on their American Airlines reservations. However, the food must be ordered in advance before the flight departure. 

Main Cabin Flyers will get Complimentary snacks depending upon their choice. However, they will have to purchase any added meals. Upper cabin- class passengers, including Premium Economy, Business, and First Class, can experience a premium fine dining experience along with a premium selection of drinks with or without alcohol. 

You can purchase added meals services at least 24 hours to 30 days before your scheduled departure date. 

Special Requirements:

The airline entertains special food requirements on some of its selected flights. However, you will have to book your service at least 24 hours before your flight departure. You can book your order online or call the helpline number of the American Airlines reservations department. 

You can request any kind of food you want, including Gluten-free, Diabetic, Asian, Vegetarian, Baby, Hindu, Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, and many more. 

Alcoholic and Non- Alcoholic Beverages:

Flyers can buy a selection of hot, cold, soft, and alcoholic drinks on all flights irrespective of its destination.  However, Main Cabin flyers will get complimentary drinks with or without alcohol based on their preference. Premium Economy, Business, and First Class flyers will get a variety of premium wines, beers, and other drinks to complement their food choice.

The airline has limited Food and beverage service on its flights based on your destination and flight duration. However, American Airlines allows you to bring your own food onboard. 

What’s included:

For flights Across the Americas:

  • For flights over 250 miles, you will get a choice of Pretzels or Bi-scoff cookies complemented by a soft drink of your choice. 
  • Passengers flying to Hawaii will get a complimentary meal along with a choice of beer or wine. 
  • Intercontinental flyers will get a free meal service. 

For Long-distance international Flights: 

For flights across Europe and Asia, you will get a complimentary meal option supported by choice of beer or wine. Spirits are allowed only on flights traveling to HongKong and Japan. 

Passengers flying to New Zealand and Australia will receive a free meal with a choice of wines, beers, and sprits depending on their preference.

Zoës Kitchen food:

The airline has introduced a new in-flight meal service in association with Zoës Kitchen, on all of its domestic flights. The food is prepared using fresh and local ingredients; you can enjoy some of the signature dishes like the Grüben sandwich and Hummus Plate onboard. 

How to order my food online in advance?

Passengers can reserve their desired food items starting 30 days before their travel date and up to 12 hours before the actual departure time. Let’s check out how can you do it:

  • Visit American Airlines’ website, click on the ‘My Trips/ Check-in’ option. 
  • Enter the required info. 
  • Click on reserve a meal option. 
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on display. 

Get to know more about American Airlines Food Policy call American airlines reservations phone number +1-860-370-4608

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