Is the China Airlines Cancellation Policy Pocket-Friendly?

China Airlines Cancellation Policy: Cancel a Flight & Refund

Have you booked flight tickets with China Airlines recently or are you planning to make reservations with this flag carrier in the near future? Are you worried about the China Airlines cancellation policy? Well, if this is the situation, then worry not as you have clicked to the rightmost link to deal with all the thoughts coming in your mind right now. Life is uncertain and thus, changes are a part of our life. Don’t worry if you made China Airlines Reservations and now wish to cancel the same owing to any reason. China Airlines understands the fact of uncertainty and thus, allows the customers to make flight cancellation without any hassle. The cancellation policy of China Airlines is totally pocket-friendly and will never hit your budget in any circumstance. Check out the China Airlines cancellation policy here and get your tickets cancelled in less than no time. 

China Airlines Cancellation Policy – Terms and Conditions

China Airlines has introduced a well-designed cancellation policy for the passengers so that they can initiate flight cancellation without indulging in a future hassle. If you have booked your flight ticket with China Airlines, then it is imperative to know about the cancellation policy and refund procedure in a bit of detail. 

  • To get the full refund, you can cancel your flight ticket to and from the USA within 48 hours of buying the flight ticket, provided that China Airlines reservations are done a minimum of seven days before the flight take-off. 
  • If you don’t follow the 24-hour cancellation policy and make the flight cancellation after 24 hours of the tickets purchase, then you will be charged the cancellation charges. These charges may vary according to the destination, taxes, and the number of tickets cancelled. 
  • One must know the important fact that online refunds will be issued only for those China Airlines flight tickets that are booked from the China Airlines official website, airport ticketing counter, and the customer care center. 
  • Ticket refund will be applied on the next day of the flight cancellation and within two years of the purchase. 
  • The refunded amount will be credited back in the original form of the payment. It means that if you have used a credit card for making China Airlines reservations, then your amount will be credited back to your credit card; however, if the payment was done with the cash, then the airline will contact you to get the back account information. 
  • If you wish to get a refund for the duplicate ticket purchase, then both the tickets must be purchased from the official website of China Airlines and have exactly the same departure and arrival date and airport. 
  • Please note down the fact that passengers who do not show up for the flights and haven’t canceled their flight ticket before the flight take-off are not eligible for getting the refund for their flight tickets on the official website of the China Airlines. For this, they will have to contact the airline’s representatives. 
  • If you have purchased the flight ticket from the China Airlines official website and that ticket hasn’t been used, then you can easily get the refund within 7 days after processing the request. 

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