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Norwegian Airlines Reservations (D8)

Norwegian Airlines Reservations for Booking Flights +1-860-370-4608

Norwegian Airlines ReservationsLow-cost airlines are not less than a blessing for the middle-class travelers who cannot afford the high price tag of the lavish flag carriers. If you wish to enjoy air travel without counting the cost, then make Norwegian Airlines Reservations today and cut your travel expenses to the maximum. Officially known as Norwegian Air Shuttle, this airline is the low-cost flag-carrier of Norway. Referred to as the country’s largest airline, it was founded in January 1993 and has now become one of the significant airlines in the world to fly with. You’ll be glad to know that Norwegian Airlines is known as 9th largest low-cost air carrier in the world. Furthermore, this airline is renowned for its uniquely designed aircraft that have portraits of high achievers on the tail fins. Looking for more? Go through the page and get to know about Norwegian Airlines a bit more. 

Norwegian Airlines Phone Number Details

Norwegian Air Reservation Number (US) +1-860-370-4608
Norwegian Air Booking Number / Baggage Helpline Number (Brazil) +55 21350 00451
Norwegian Air Booking Number / Baggage Helpline Number(Canada) 1-800-357-4159
Norwegian Air Booking Number / Baggage Helpline Number (UK) +44 (0)330 828 0854
Norwegian Air Customer Service Number  +1-860-370-4608
Norwegian Air Baggage Helpline Number  1-800-357-4159
Norwegian Air Cancellation Number 1-800-357-4159
  1. Norwegian Air Argentina
  2. Norwegian Air International
  3. Norwegian Air Norway
  4. Norwegian Air Sweden
  5. Norwegian Air UK
  6. Norwegian Long Haul
Fleet size 57 (excluding subsidiaries), 164 (including subsidiaries)
Destinations 152
Headquarters Diamanten” 
Fornebu, Norway
Key people Bjørn Kjos (CEO)
Bjørn H. Kise (Chairman)
Tore Jenssen (CEO Norwegian Air International)

Why choose Norwegian Airlines Reservations for Flight Booking? 

There are plenty of factors that make Norwegian Airlines worth-selecting. From low-cost flight tickets to exceptional customer support, this air carrier is equipped with everything to make your journey comfortable. Take a look at some of the major reasons owing to which this airline is highly popular among travelers. 

  • Discounted Airfares

Norwegian Airlines is an ideal choice for the budget-savvy travelers as it offers flight tickets at discounted airfares. In addition to this, it also offers innumerable deals and discounts on flight tickets so that you can save a lot. 

  • Easy booking and cancelling

Booking and cancelling of the flight tickets is not at all tough, when it comes to the Norwegian Airlines. It has a set of simple rules and policies through which you can make Norwegian Airlines Booking and cancellations within the least possible time. 

  • Excellent customer support

No matter whatever travel-issue you are facing, Norwegian Airlines customer support is there to guide you. These executives are available to take your call 24/7 and thus you can seek their guidance whenever you want. 

Norwegian Airlines In-Flight Entertainment

Norwegian Airlines is all set to offer you the premium travel experience by offering exceptional in-flight amenities and amazing onboard services. The premium cabins in Norwegian Airlines are designed to make you feel more special in the sky. Let’s find out the list of in-flight services you can enjoy by making Norwegian Airlines Booking.

  • Comfortable Seats

The first and foremost feature you can get in this airline is the comfortable seats that will allow you to sit back and relax. Here, you can enjoy a super-comfy seat with more than 140 cm in the recliner seats. Book flight tickets with this airline and enjoy a lavish experience in the air. 

  • Sky-High Wi-Fi

Norwegian Airlines understands the value of connectivity and thus offers, sky-high Wi-Fi to travelers so that they can stay in touch with their loved ones. Being in the sky doesn’t mean you should remain out of touch and, therefore, connect to the Norwegian Internet Access network and browse the internet like always. 

  • In-Flight Entertainment

Norwegian Airlines is loaded with innumerable entertainment options and you will never get bored in the flight. From Video-on-Demand, your own snack bar, interactive 3D maps to USB connectors, Norwegian Magazines, and award-winning entertainment system, this airline has everything to make your journey interesting. 

Norwegian Airlines Baggage Policy

Like all other airlines, Norwegian Airlines has also set up a well-designed baggage policy to facilitate the passengers. You are advised to go through every single term and condition before packing your bags. 

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The cabin baggage allowance limit depends on the fare type that you’ve chosen while making Norwegian Airlines Reservations. 

  • One hand baggage is allowed for LowFare type.
  • One personal item and one hand baggage are permitted for LowFare+ type. The weight of both of them must not exceed 10kg.
  • One hand baggage and one personal item are allowed in Flex, Premium, and Premium Flex type. Both of them must weigh no more than 15kg.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Like the carry-on baggage, the checked baggage allowance limit depends on the fare type you’ve booked and the flight type you’ve chosen. 

  • No bags are allowed in LowFare type for both Long-Haul and other flights.
  • 1 bag of maximum 23kg is allowed in LowFare+ type.
  • 1 bags of maximum 23kg each are allowed in Flex, Premium, and PremiumFlex type. 
  • Each bag must not be more than 32kg (overweight baggage) and must not less than 2kg. 

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Norwegian Airlines Check-in Policy

Getting a boarding pass is the next most important task to perform after making Norwegian Airlines Reservations. Make sure that you and your baggage checked-in for your flight on time to avoid any further hassle. The airline offers both online and airport check-in options to travelers and you can opt for anyone to get your boarding pass. 

Online Check-in

Opt for the paperless boarding pass and get your check-in done from the comfort of your home. There are three ways to perform online check-in.

  • Via travel assistant app

Download the Travel Assistant app on your phone and tap on the Check-in button to get it done successfully. Once you’ve checked in for your flight, you will get a barcode that will be used at the time of security checking and boarding. 

  • SMS Ticket

This is yet another easiest method to get your boarding pass. If you have given the mobile number while making the flight bookings, then the airline will send you the boarding pass 2 hours before the flight take-off. 

  • Via My Travels

Go to the My Travel page and use the on-screen instructions to get your check-in done with much ease. Once you are done with check-in, you will get your boarding pass quickly. 

Airport Check-in

It might be possible that you are unable to check-in online or want to use the traditional way to check-in, at that time you can visit the airport and get your boarding pass easily. 

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Norwegian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Change of plans? Don’t worry Norwegian Airlines understands this issue and thus, offers a well-crafted cancellation policy to ease the flyers. Let’s find each and every term and condition here.

  • The cancellation and refund of the flight ticket depend on the fare type you have selected while making Norwegian Airlines Booking.
  • If you are traveling to and from the United States, then you are eligible to make flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking and get a full refund for the same. However, it is important the ticket has been booked 7 days or more before the flight take-off. After this time, your booking becomes non-refundable. 
  • For all other locations, cancellation can be made within 4 hours of the booking. After this time, your booking is non-refundable.
  • One thing should be noted that you can send the refund request if your Norwegian Airlines flight ticket is unused. 

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Quick Procedure to Book an Air Ticket with Norwegian Airlines

With the advent of the internet, the whole scenario of flight booking has been changed completely. Now, people can easily book their air tickets right from their comfort zone. Here, we have mentioned the entire procedure of making Norwegian Air reservations step by step. Follow the process and book yourself a flight ticket at discounted airfares. 

  • Go to the official website of Norwegian Airlines and click on the ‘Flight’ tab.Norwegian Airlines check in
  • Enter your point of departure in the ‘Fly From’ field and point of arrival in the ‘Fly to’ field and move towards the next step. 
  • Choose either Round Trip or One-Way, depending on your trip requirement. 
  • Now, add the journey dates in the ‘Outbound’ and ‘Return’ field. Be sure to enter these details correctly. 
  • In the 5th step, enter the total number of adults and children that would be going on the trip. 
  • If schedule is not at all a problem, then click on the ‘show low fare calendar’ checkbox and find out the cheap flights on the dates close by your entered schedule; however, if you are strictly bound to your schedule, then choose the option – Selected Date and proceed further to the next step of Norwegian Airlines Reservations. 
  • Hit the ‘Search and Book’ button and look out for the flights available on your selected route and dates. 
  • Choose the flight option that suits your needs and pocket as well and take a step forward to enter the passengers’ information.
  • On including each and every detail, make the final payment and get your Norwegian Airlines Reservations done hassle-free.

Norwegian Airlines FAQs

Q).1 Is Norwegian Airlines a cheaper and affordable airline?

Norwegian  Airlines is widely recognized as one of the low-cost carriers. The airline offers low fare-prices and affordable flights.

Q).2 What is the  Economy-class of Norwegian Airlines like?

The economy class has ultra-low fares and is still full of comfort and peace for all the budget travelers. The cabins are equipped with in-flight entertainment, WiFi services, and there’s an availability of a selection of snacks and meals.

Q).3 What does the Premium  Economy-class of Norwegian Airlines offer?

The Premium Economy Passengers get to access the lounge at some selected air stations. The fare-class also provides fast-boarding, Complimentary seat selection, and the travelers are allowed to carry two bags on board, not more than 20kg each. Each flyer is offered with three class meals and complimentary drinks as per need.

Q).4 What kind of seats does the Economy-cabin of Norwegian Airlines offer?

The Premium fares allow you to reserve your perfect spot. The seats are comfortable and relaxing with a pitch of 109-177cm and ample legroom to relax your legs.

Q).5 Does Norwegian  Airlines offer TV on its flights?

Long-haul Norwegian  flights have an in-build entertainment system attached to the back of their front seat.

Q).6 Can you play movies on your Norwegian  Airlines flight?

The entertainment system of Norwegian  Airlines offers a wide range of movies on its flights. Be it rom-com, animated, thriller, or horror; you’ll be able to enjoy the best films. The entertainment system also gives you a fresh selection of new arrivals to save you from the dilemma.

Q).7 Does Norwegian Airlines have WiFi?

The Airline offers WiFi on most of its flights traveling across Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States. Once the aircraft takes off, travelers can access the WiFi connection on their laptops, mobiles, and tablets. However, there is no availability of WiFi services on long-haul international flights.

Q).8 What is the cost of Norwegian Airline WiFi?

The Airline offers free WiFi services for all the flyers on its flight. Norwegian Airlines understands the need for continuous internet access on its flight, as it is important for the flyers to stay connected at all times. No matter your class-fare, everyone is allowed to enjoy free internet on your Norwegian flights.

Q).9 What is the Carry-on Bag limit on Norwegian flights?

Norwegian Airlines permits the allowance of only one carry-on bag, but not more than 10kg for LowFare+ and LowFare Categories and 15kg for PremiumFlex and Premium flights. Passengers traveling to Dubai are allowed to carry a bag no more than 8kg in weight. There is also an allowance to bring one small personal item in the cabin.

Q).10 What is the cost of checked-bags on Norwegian  Airlines flights?

During Low-season, the checked bags are charged between 8-35 GBP for one bag and 10-55 GBP for two bags. The charges for the bag depends upon the route you’re flying. The price also remains the same during the peak season, but there might be some price fluctuations as well. To avoid any confusion, you can clear your issues with the customer helpline number of Norwegian  Airlines.

Q).11 How do I Check-in online for my Norwegian flight?

Online check-in can be done using the official Norwegian website. The process starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight; you are allowed to select your perfect spot during the online check-in process.

Q).12 What to check-in at the Airport for Norwegian  Airlines?

Airport check-in can be done at the check-in counters available at the airport. Also, the airline has self-help counters, so flyers can also use them at their convenience. The airport check must be done at least an hour before your flight departure time.

Q).13 Can I cancel My Norwegian flight?

A full refund of the booking amount will be provided if you cancel your booking within 4 hours of its making for Premium, LowFare, and LowFare+ categories. After 4 hours, the reservation will be marked as non-refundable. For passengers flying across The United States and Brazil, a full refund will be initiated if your booking is canceled in the first 24 hours of its making but, your flight should be booked at least one week before the actual flight departure.

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List of Norwegian Air Shuttle Contact Number

Norwegian Airlines Reservations 1-800-357-4159
Norwegian Air Shuttle Argentina Number +54 11507 89745
Norwegian Air Shuttle Brazil Contact Number +55 21350 00451
Norwegian Air Shuttle The Caribbean Customer Service +1 844 278 8667
Norwegian Air Shuttle Canada Helpline  1-800-357-4159
Norwegian Air Shuttle Denmark Toll-Free  +45 70 80 78 80
Norwegian Air Shuttle Finland 1800 Number  +358 (0)9 231 01 600
Norwegian Air Shuttle France Customer Support  +33 (0) 97 07 38 001
Norwegian Air Shuttle Germany Number  +49 (800) 5895000
Norwegian Air Shuttle Italy Contact Number  +39 06 94 80 2756
Norwegian Air Shuttle Ireland Customer Service  +353 1 697 1489
Norwegian Air Shuttle Norway Helpline  +47 21 49 00 15
Norwegian Air Shuttle Spain Toll-Free  +34 900 838 065
Norwegian Air Shuttle Sweden 1800 Number  +46 (0)770 45 77 00
Norwegian Air Shuttle Thailand Customer Support  +66 (0)6000 35 180
Norwegian Air Shuttle UK Number  +44 (0)330 828 0854
Other countries  +47 2149 00 15
Norwegian Holidays  +47 21 00 40 20
Car Rental  +47 21 51 81 71
Hotel Booking 877-299-8577

Norwegian Airlines Review Protection Status