What is Delta Airlines Pet Policy?

If you have an urge to make your furry friend as a part of your journey, then make Delta Reservations for your pet and make your journey more interesting and memorable. However, before making bookings, you should understand all essential terms and conditions associated with it. Some pets can be transferred in the cabin while others can be shipped as cargo, depending on their weight, size, and type. To make bookings for pets, travelers will have to connect with the airline’s customer service and ask them about the availability and additional requirements. Make sure your pet is well-behaved and vaccinated before the beginning of the journey; otherwise, the airline will not allow the same on-board. Below are mentioned important guidelines that you should know before taking your four-legged friend along with you on the journey. 

Carry-on Pets – Important Things to Know

Before carrying your pet in the flight cabin, it is imperative to know about the necessary facts associated with it. 

  • Only small dogs, cats, and household birds are allowed to travel in the cabin.
  • Your pet must be fitted inside the small and ventilated pet container that can be easily kept under the seat in front of you. Moreover, your pet must remain inside the crate throughout the journey.
  • Pets in the kernel will be counted as one carry-on item. Therefore, in addition to the pet crate, you will be allowed to bring one personal item on-board. 
  • You will be charged an additional fee for carrying pets on-board and that depends on the destination to which you are traveling. 

$125 USD for Canada/ US and Puerto Rico

$200 USD for US Virgin Islands/ International

$75 USD for Brazil

  • Household birds are allowed on the domestic US flights only except Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and Hawaii. 
  • Before making Delta Airlines Reservations for pets, make sure to check the type of your dog as the airline doesn’t allow pitbull type dogs in the cabin. 
  • The pet must be small enough to adjust in the pet container without touching the sides of the crate and with the ability to move around.
  • The pet must be at least 10 weeks old for flying on domestic flights.
  • 2 pets of the same breed can be kept inside one pet crate. 
  • One thing should be noted that pets will be accepted on the basis of FCFS. there are a limited number of pet crates allowed in the flight cabin and thus, make sure to make bookings well in advance. 
  • No pet is allowed in International First Class, International Business Class, and International Delta One. However, you carry pets in the Main Cabin both domestic and international. 
  • All other kinds of pets of heavyweight and size will be transported as cargo. A pet shipped domestically cannot be booked until 14 days before the scheduled departure. 

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