When can I check in for my Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Boarding pass is an integral document that you should have before boarding the flight. Those days have gone when you had to visit the airport much before the flight arrival to get your check-in done but now is the time when you can easily get your boarding pass and that too without standing in the long queues, thanks to the internet and modern technology. Like all other air carriers, Hawaiian Airlines also allows the flyers to get their boarding pass on the swipe of their fingertips without leaving their comfort zone. Make Hawaiian Airlines Reservations now and get your flight check-in done in less than no time. 

Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Deadlines

Before knowing about several methods that are available to check-in for your flight, it is important to know about the check-in deadlines up to which you will be eligible for getting your boarding pass. Check-in timings depend on the method you choose to get your boarding pass. If you are checking-in for your flight online through a website or mobile app, then it opens 24 hours before the scheduled take-off. 

Airport Check-in timings vary from one airport to another; however, you are advised to arrive at the airport at least 2 to 3 hours before the flight departure time to avoid any further hustle. 

Ways to Check-in for your Hawaiian Airlines Flight

There are multiple ways to check-in for your flight such as online check-in, mobile check-in, airport counter check-in, and kiosk check-in. Here is mentioned the detailed explanation of all these methods so that you can choose accordingly. ‘

Online Check-in

Gone are those days when you had to wait in the long queues as now you can check-in for your flight from anywhere, be it office, home or anywhere. To check-in online, all you need to do is visit the official website, go to the check-in tab, enter your last name (as mentioned while making Hawaiian Airlines Reservations) and confirmation code and move further to check-in for your flight. 

Mobile Check-in

Yet another way to check-in for your flight is through the mobile app. Download the Hawaiian Airlines’ mobile app on your mobile and get the check-in done within little or no time. This mobile app is available for free and you can easily get the same either on your mobile or tablet. 

Airport Check-in

If by chance, you are not able to use the web check-in facility, then there is no need to worry. Visit the airport to get your boarding pass. In order to avoid long queues, you can opt for the kiosk machine as well. Make sure to check the availability of these kiosk machines at your departing airport before choosing this option. 

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